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Cizzle aims to maximise protection of its discoveries in a timely and effective manner and in as many countries of the world as are appropriate to each case.

Cizzle has a number of patent applications in prosecution which relate to  CIZ1, CIZ1 variants and their potential in the prognosis, diagnosis and therapy of a variety of cancer types. Included in Cizzle’s portfolio is United States Patent Number 7,833,702 covering the use of Ciz1 and variant forms thereof for the detection of cancer.

Cizzle Publications

Function of Ciz1 and its interaction partners

Cyclin A/CDK2 phosphorylation of CIZ1 blocks replisome formation and initiation of mammalian DNA replication Copeland NA, Sercombe HE, Wilson RH and Coverley D

Variant Ciz1 is a circulating biomarker for early-stage lung cancer (2012) Gillian Higgins, Katherine M. Roper, Irene J. Watson, Fiona H. Blackhall, William N. Romd, Harvey I. Passe, Justin F. X. Ainscoughf, and Dawn Coverley

Ciz1 promotes mammalian DNA replication. (2005) Coverley D, Marr J, Ainscough J. J Cell Sci. 118:101-12. PMID: 15585571

Distinct roles for cyclins E and A during DNA replication complex assembly and activation. (2002) Coverley D, Laman H, Laskey RA. Nat Cell Biol. 4(7):523-8.  PMID: 12080347

C-terminal domains deliver the DNA replication factor Ciz1 to the nuclear matrix. (2007)
Ainscough JF, Rahman FA, Sercombe H, Sedo A, Gerlach B, Coverley D. J Cell Sci. 120:115-24. PMID: 17182902

Ciz1 cooperates with cyclin A/CDK2 to activate mammalian DNA replication in vitro. (2010) Copeland NA, Sercombe HE, Ainscough J F-X, Coverley D. J Cell Sci. 123(Pt 7):1108-15. PMID: 20215406.

Ciz1 and cancer

Ciz1, a Novel DNA-binding coactivator of the estrogen receptor alpha, confers hypersensitivity to estrogen action. (2006) den Hollander P, Rayala SK, Coverley D, Kumar R. Cancer Res. 2006 66(22):11021-9. PMID: 17108141

Cancer-associated missplicing of exon 4 influences the subnuclear distribution of the DNA replication factor CIZ1. (2007) Rahman FA, Ainscough JF, Copeland N, Coverley D.Hum Mutat. 28(10):993-1004. PMID: 17508423

Differential detection of alternatively spliced variants of Ciz1 in normal and cancer cells using a custom exon–junction microarray  (2010) Rahman FA, Aziz N and Coverley D. BMC Cancer. 10:482. PMID: 20831784 .


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